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The Promise of Nanotechnology

Posted on Wed, March 5, 2008 at 05:21PM by Registered CommenterNeil Hutchison | Comments9 Comments | References4 References

How could nanotechnology benefit kids with cancer?  Nanotechnology broadly refers to the field of science that designs devices that are really small, “nanometer small” — one billionth of a meter small. 

One of the uses of nanotechology is that scientists can design buckets or encapsulations to hold the chemotherapeutic agent; these buckets are designed to be attracted to the tumor, not to healthy cells, so they release the chemotherapy primarily at the tumor site. 

What does this mean to kids?  It means less toxicity and better tumor-kill — one of the holy grails of improving care.

Irinotecan (Camptosar) is a very effective agent in the fight against neuroblastoma and has been the subject of many clinical trials.  Below is a link to a Canadian research team that is ready to start clinical trials using a nanotechnology-delivered variant of Irinotecan.   Our radar screen is full of nanotechnology options which offer the promise of a better delivery system.  Please help us fulfill this promise and support our efforts or spread the word about the MagicWater Project.


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